Workplace Discrimination Affects Everyone Involved

Workplace discrimination is something that every person encounters in the real world and takes many forms.  Whether it is from a peer or from a managerial influence, almost every demographic is affected whether one is the target or the witness of the acts.

Tanya Johnson of Columbia, South Carolina worked with various school districts throughout her career.  Doing investigations and supervising the duties of districts when it came to ethics was not new ground for her whatsoever.  She encountered various forms of discrimination within her career, including one that included one of her close friends within the field.

“She had illnesses and was often mistreated because of those illnesses,” she stated.  “The supervisor of her department was discriminatory towards her, but it was revealed that it was because of her race more than her health and everyone in the district knew it.”

It is no surprise that situations such as these happen in many companies, even in the 21st century.  The biggest shocker of all is that several companies either do not have solid policies enforcing zero tolerance against workplace bullying or the policies are ignored by the higher positions in the company.  What is worse is that many employees within companies are afraid to say something about their encounters in fear that the situation will backfire against them, even if they are not the parties involved.

“Many people were afraid of being fired when the investigation took place,” Johnson stated. “No one wanted to step up in fear that they would lose their job, be further mistreated, and so on.”

Anti-bullying laws are nearly all over the country as a result of suicide rates of youth as well as youth violence has taken a rise in the 21st century.  However, there are no laws that enforce any policies against bullying, giving a view to the public that bullying cannot take place anywhere unless you are at work and developing negative and toxic work environments for all.  This results in high amounts of stress, lack of motivation for employees to be productive, and open opportunities for mental health issues to arise.

“As long as you talk about it with someone and stand up for yourself, anything can be done to help the situation.  You do not have to take discrimination from anyone,” Johnson declares. “We all have to work together to do the same thing, so everyone should treat everyone equally and respectfully in the workplace.”

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