Share A Coke With The LGBT Community


A Coca-Cola advertisement taken in Amsterdam that depicts a same-sex couple together in happiness. Coca-Cola has received a 100 rating from the Human Rights Campaign for 9 straight years. (Flickr/Vladimir)

COLUMBIA, SC — Everyone remembers the famous Coca Cola commercial where the whole world got together and harmoniously sang how he or she would like to buy the world a Coke. How would that fit into today’s society with the year 2016 thus far?

As the nation sets forth on an upcoming holiday season, prepping their holiday gifts for loved ones and thinking up the menu for dinner, there are several LGBT individuals who do not have that privilege to spend time with their loved ones because of who they are.

Emmy award winning entertainer RuPaul said it best for the LGBT community: “We as gay people get to choose our family and the people we’re around.”

Nothing is better than having a warm get together and bringing some warm food cooked with love to accompany the evening. LGBT families all over have the chance to come together as a community and build a bond between each other, especially after the events the nation experienced with Orlando.  You can be a part of the revolution and reenact that inspirational commercial…through your food.


A plate of sliced glazed ham marinated with brown sugar and Coca-Cola. The soft drink company provides various recipes through its website at (Photo/Coca Cola Company)

Someone has to bring the glazed ham to Thanksgiving dinner, right? How about a glazed ham marinated with Coca-Cola ® and brown sugar? That good savory flavor gives it the right touch to bring a smile to someone’s face. Want to add a nice side to accompany the ham? Blogger Erica Dinho recommends a flavorful Arroz Con Coca-Cola (or rice with Coca-Cola to translate).

You just cannot have a main dish and not have any dessert to soothe it down. Try out the Coca-Cola Jello Salad with cherries in it or even a Coca-Cola Chocolate Cake. Along with some vanilla ice cream, this is bound to win people over at your next dinner.


A perfect ending to a flavorful dinner is a Coca Cola flavored chocolate cake for dessert. (Photo/Coca Cola Company)

With the ongoing news about discrimination, feminism, marriage equality, and other topics during this election year, it could easily cloud the minds of individuals, building a divide between parties that could easily get along. Individuals could tolerate each other if they remember at the end of the day that they are unique individuals with differing opinions. The holiday season brings everyone together to remember that everyone is human.

So why not let it go and forget it all with some Coke for dinner. No, you do not have to drink it, but you will enjoy it in your food for sure!

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