Pets Inc: Making A Difference for 25 Years in SC

The MediaSen Group: Pets Inc – An Audio Slideshow Look Into Making A Difference from Diarte Jeffcoat on Vimeo.

After 25 years of advocacy towards animal rights and saving homeless pets all over South Carolina, Pets Inc is still working hard and focusing more on expanding that advocacy to build better foundations for the organization and beyond.

After the founder of the organization passed in 2014, many within the Midlands were worried that it would be the end of the nonprofit, who has been one of the biggest animal shelters alongside Pawmetto Lifeline in nearly a decade.  However, with new programs in the works such as a spay/neuter and vaccine clinic, dog training courses, and volunteer programs, Pets Inc is really working hard to keep their name and reputation out there to the public.

Sammy Wullner, the Chief Operations Officer of the organization, brings lots of promise and positivity to his position as he looks forward towards bringing a new vision towards the nonprofit in expanding the advocacy and mission of Pets Inc beyond the Midlands.  The only problem that has been an ongoing issue is gaining funding to do such things and Pets Inc has only gotten a few grants over the years, running purely off of donations from the public.  While this keeps them afloat, it only funds the organization to an extent.  Without the counties of Richland and Lexington County giving support through grants, they are left on their own to build and develop new systems and programs themselves in order to save the many cats and dogs stranded without a home in South Carolina.

The historic building is in need of renovations and more support is needed from the public, but this does not stop the passion and heart of Pets Inc whatsoever.  Pets Inc brings hope to those that really want to make a difference to all the furry pets out there in need of a home and they will work their hardest to make sure that either they find a home for a homeless pet or will access the resources to lead that pet to a new home.  They do not believe in euthanasia and believe that more no-kill shelters are needed in this world.  The organization is even currently working on a Trap, Neuter, Return program to help control the feral cat population in the Midlands, which follows the no-kill policy of their organization.  They work very hard to make sure each and every pet that enters the facility leaves with a happy and healthy state of mind towards a beautiful new happy home.

Just like no child should be left behind, Pets Inc believes that if one has a heart, then no pet should be left behind either.

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