LGBT Pride Celebrated Worldwide, Divide Continues Within Community

JUNE 5, 2016 — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raised an LGBT Pride flag on Parliament Hill for the first time in Canadian history, opening eyes of everyone worldwide that change is imminent in the world.  The same predicament can be said for President Barack Obama‘s proclamation, declaring June as “LGBT Pride Month” in the United States.

For years, those within the LGBT community and its allies look forward to Pride festivals and celebrations in an effort to show their support in expressing one’s love for each other, no matter what race, gender, sexuality, age, religion, disability, and so on.  Pride, to them, is a celebration of people being people and loving the diversity between one another.  However, as the times have grown forward with advances within the community, the dissent continues outside of the community for those that do not support the community and the changes that have developed within the nation.


For the past couple of months, the main focus on the community has been the anti-LGBT bills being passed throughout the nation.  This led to a huge divide within the people of the nation as many voiced their opinions regarding the statutes brought forth by the government.  Now, with Pride Month commencing in the month of June, the divide continues as many voice their opinions throughout social media.  With 2016 being an election year, this comes to no surprise as the LGBT community continues to be at the forefront of talk within the issues of the nation.

Edge Media Network recently released an article giving the public an overall look into which states are building towards inclusivity and which ones are building towards divides within their communities.  As the anti-LGBT bills take center stage of the various topics discussed during this election year, the U.S. government is working towards building solid statistics and factors to help build and develop inclusiveness within the policies of the nation, as stated by Time Magazine online this week.  By doing this, the government hopes to develop new laws that will help to not only accept the LGBT community as citizens of the nation, but also build an educational stance on the daily lives and hardships of LGBT individuals worldwide.

FILE - This infographic takes a look into the progress that has developed for the LGBT community in the 21st century. (Infographic by Diarte Jeffcoat/Venngage, File)

FILE – This infographic takes a look into the progress that has developed for the LGBT community in the 21st century. (Infographic by Diarte Jeffcoat/Venngage, File)

The stigma on the community itself continues as much as the stigma towards minorities and especially towards those individuals such as transgenders and those who live with HIV.  LGBT organizations work tirelessly on building educational venues to help develop more foundations for the community and beyond in hopes of building a bridge between those outside of the community and those within the community to coexist with each other.

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