HIV Advances Help or Hurt Stigma in Community, Experts Say

June 13, 2016 – America just witnessed one of the most horrific mass shootings in history in Orlando. The gunman shot over 100 individuals in an LGBT nightclub early Sunday morning with half of that number losing their lives. However, it is not just hate crimes that take away many lives in the community.

Several activists, professionals, and experts look into the flaws of the LGBT community and why so many stigmas continue to hover over the heads of the individual. Many serve a purpose to educate the masses about topics they may not understand in an effort to build a common ground of respect and tolerance for each other. There are also those that serve their mission to educate not just one side of the spectrum, but both sides in order to gain a common understanding of several topics of debate. Terry Michael is one of those individuals.

Terry Michael is the founder and executive director of the Washington Center for Politics and Journalism. A former political press secretary and reporter, he worked and researched deeply into topics that became the forefront of debates in politics throughout the years. He is also a gay man that has done a lot of research on the HIV epidemic and the government and medical industry’s actions towards rectifying a disease taking so many lives.

He comments on various topics these days with his students as well as social media in the point of view of a libertarian Democrat, but will look at both sides of the spectrum before giving his view. His articles on the HIV-AIDS epidemic as well as the events within the LGBT community has opened a lot of eyes as well as causing some controversy, but Michael makes it well known that his views are indeed…his views.

On the other hand, Sarit Golub is one of the individuals working hard to produce research showing the positive effects of using advances such as PrEP and other methods of prevention. Golub is the director of the Hunter HIV/AIDS Research Team, or HART, in New York City. She looks into the psychological effects of drugs such as PrEP and how it would help the LGBT community as well as others worldwide. One of the factors causing trauma within the community is the stigma of contracting the virus, so Golub works towards building a bridge to make those worries go away for individuals throughout the nation.

Whether advances in the community hurt or help the individual, it makes a difference for people to know that there are experts, professionals, and activists out there looking deep into the issues at hand to find a solution. To find out more about PrEP and other advances in curing HIV, visit

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