Columbia’s Museum of Art Shows REMIX of African American Culture

Columbia Museum of Art Showcases Revamped African American Culture with REMIX Exhibition from Diarte Jeffcoat on Vimeo.

One cannot pave a road into the future without the foundations of the past.  This is a trending concept that the most well-known art museum in the Midlands introduces to its visitors with their latest exhibit.

The Columbia Museum of Art is hosting a REMIX art exhibition, a collection of African-American art and trends visually retold and revamped by a group of modern 21st century artists from all over the nation.  Will South, chief curator of the CMA, brought forth the idea of doing the exhibit after initially wanting to do an essay of the same concept years ago in Dayton, Ohio.  Instead of retelling the history of African-American culture, he wanted to visually recount the historical themes and ideas of the culture through a collection of works from all over the country.

“We [the museum] were looking to do an African-American show.  We kept seeing people’s collections, like very different touring collections,” South stated. “Then I remembered that I had this thing, this idea, and I thought, ‘Well, this would be more interesting.’; something that had a meaty theme to it rather than an assemblage of someone else’s taste.”

Rather than adding a rewritten chapter in a history book, South, alongside the CMA team and director Karen Brosius, began developments three years ago and opened the exhibit in February 2016 in time for Black History Month.  Several home state artists such as Damond Howard and Tarleton Blackwell hold famous pieces in the exhibit whereas several of the other artists are from all over the United States and some are from around the world.  These artists’ works bring various forms of perception upon the influence of African-American culture then and now.

“African American artists in the 21st century are at the forefront of using materials, you know, in unique and different ways,” South stated about the collection. “[They are at] the forefront of telling difficult stories with real honesty and clarity and authenticity.”

The exhibit is currently being showcased in the main gallery on the first floor of the museum until May 2nd.  Free admission is offered to CMA members, but the museum welcomes the public to come see the exhibit for themselves.  More information about the REMIX exhibit and more can be found at their website at


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