Columbia Church Holds Vigil for Trans Victims

COLUMBIA, SC, November 10, 2015 – On November 20, the Washington Street United Methodist Church in Columbia will hold a memorial vigil at 7:00 PM EST in remembrance of the transgender individuals who lost their lives to acts of violence within the past year.

The statistics throughout 2015 alone have been exponentially high when it comes to transgender discrimination. According to the National Center for Transgender Equality’s website, one in four trans people faced an act of violence based on their sexual identity and the number are higher for those of color. The tragic fact is that there are little to no laws protecting this community and because of this, many are left out on the streets, unable to get jobs, and living risky lives that lead to suicide or even homicide. The vigil will pay homage to all those victims within the past year that lost their lives to various acts of violence and hate just because of their identity.

No comment was available by any parties representing the organization at this time.

The Harriet Hancock LGBT Center in Columbia is sponsoring the event and all are welcome to attend. There will be a reception held after the vigil at Tio’s Mexican Bar & Grill.

About Harriet Hancock LGBT Center:

The Harriet Hancock LGBT Center is a non-profit organization for LGBT individuals in the Midlands of South Carolina that offers a variety of resources for the LGBT community while also serving as the headquarters for the South Carolina Pride Movement. The resources provided at the Harriet Hancock LGBT Center are free and available to everyone during operating hours. These times may vary depending on the availability of center staff and volunteers.

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