“Silence is one of the failures of people today. When they see an injustice or intolerance, and they stay silent – that’s the worst thing.”

The MediaSen Group – Media Kit

There are so many great things occurring in our society that we forget the work that remains to be completed. Social issues such as racism, bullying, discrimination, and inequality still lurk upon our streets, developing a roadblock to a strong foundation of unity and tolerance in our society.

This is where The MediaSen Group comes in.

Jaysen Dante created The MediaSen Group in October 2015. It was his vision to develop a forum to bring forth change and spark empowerment through stories across the state of South Carolina. By doing so, he wants to inspire the future generations of our state (and eventually our country) to become the revolution of progression in our community.

Dante was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor of Science in Media Communications from Full Sail University and now currently pursuing a Master of Arts in New Media Journalism. Besides enjoying his passion for writing, he enjoys networking with others and meeting new people, professional wrestling, music, traveling, and anything related to comedy. In his eyes, laughter soothes the soul during times of need.

The key goals for MediaSen Group revolve around education, creativity, credibility, and advocacy of the content presented to the citizens of South Carolina and abroad.

Not only does The MediaSen Group work hard to inspire young individuals to build towards positive change and diversity in our society, but Dante also assists in motivating and inspiring like-minded individuals in doing the same work as he through brand management, marketing, and social media.

You can follow Dante and The MediaSen Group through an educational virtual journey on Facebook and Twitter and you are welcome to share stories of your own to help build a structure of positivity for others in the community.

The MediaSen Group thanks you personally for coming to visit this ongoing motivational project and look forward to seeing you be a part of it in the future!

Everyone needs a little MediaSen in their life, but it takes a voice to build for positive change in the future…and the cure.